Performance Requirements and Information


Marie and her accompanist will arrive approximately one hour before the performance to set up and prepare for their show.

Sound Equipment

They will bring their own sounds system, microphones and stand unless otherwise arranged.

They prefer it if the client uses their own mics and sound equipment for their announcements. They will however, with permision, lend a mic now and then, if nessesarty and the mic must stay on the mic stand. Marie's mic stand easily adjusts for height.

Piano and Table

They will require a table and a piano in the performance area. Marie will provide a tablecloth, decorations and props to go with the theme of each show. (The size of the table required can be discussed and determined depending on what is available and what is needed for the particular themed show.)

If you have a piano or keyboard they may use, that would be most appreciated.

They prefer an acoustic piano but an electric piano or keyboard will be fine. Marie will require you to tell her if there are 88 keys on the keyboard, counting both black and white keys and send her by email the make and model of the keyboard. It is very important to her that her accompanist has a good instrument to play so that he may do his best at the performance.

If there is no piano available, they will bring a keyboard.

Dressing Room

A dressing room will be needed from ½ before the show until ½ hour after. The nearer it can be to the performance area the better. Marie and her accompanist do not arrive in costume. They will need to dress before the show. Marie will need to do a costume change during the show and they will need to change back into their arrival clothes after the performance.

Almost any type of room will do. A library, salon, spa, exercise room, office, meeting room, spare bedroom or suite. Public washrooms are not the best unless there is nothing else available. In that case, Marie will put a sign on the door “do not enter please” because she will have her things all set up for a quick change.

If the dressing room has a table and a couple of chairs, that would be fine. A mirror is a bonus but not necessary.  If there is no table, Marie will require a surface to put her open suitcase, makeup and accessories on, if at all possible. Even a couple of chairs would be okay.  (Marie and her accompanist have in some cases even used stairwells when nothing else was available or even an area at the back of the hall with room dividers and a table and chairs. The two of them are quite able to adapt to their surroundings.) 

Confirmation and Requirements

A few days before each performance, Marie will connect with the contact person by phone or email to reconfirm the date, time and the requirements.

The following table will be sent, if this will be done by email.

This policy is in place to insure that the musicians show up at venues only when they are expected. 

Example Confimation of Requirements Form


The Venue’s





Sound System



Cordless Microphone






Large table or two small



Dressing room near by



Trolley or cart for loading in