Theme Shows for 2022

Hello and welcome to my web site!

At the time of writing this note, I'm working on preparing our Halloween show entitiled, "I Was A Teenage Vampire (Wannabe)".

You may have noticed that I have only updated my Theme List once since the pandemic started! I’m sure that I need not explain why.

Until things in the seniors’ entertainment business get off the roller coaster, here is what I am planning, until further notice.

…….a Halloween show for sure!.......

…….and of course, a Christmas/holiday show!

Bookings are coming in for these shows already so don’t miss out!  The Halloween show if almost totally booked up!

As for themes for the New Year, if you are thinking of booking us, I'd love to hear what kinds of themes you are thinking of celebrating.

I'm planning to put together a tribute show to Anne Murray and Karen Carpenter, which will be a bit of a departure from what I usually present. What I mean by that is that the song choises will mostly be more 'modern' and by 'modern' I mean, songs that were written and performed during my lifetime. :)  Hopefully, my audiences will enjoy the music of these two beloved artists as much as I.

Feel free to let me know what you think of that idea. 

Thank you for checking out my web site!