The Benefits Of Booking Often

Marie is interested in the same thing as you are: keeping your residents and clients happy!
Marie and her accompanist have enough theme shows to visit your seniors several times a year, with a different show, different songs and different costumes each time!
The More We Get Together The Happier We'll Be
"We really like going to the same audience often because we get to know the residents a little bit and they get to know us. It makes it more fun for all of us. We get a rapport going and when we come to visit often. A level of comfort grows between the audience and us, that's not there with an audience we hardly ever see or are meeting for the first time. With familiarity becomes a more relaxed atmosphere, which naturally leads to more interaction.  I'm noticing this more and more and I get such great joy from visiting often. I anticipate seeing them and many of them anticipate seeing us. Some of them are also anticipating what I will wear next. I think it's an awful lot of fun." - Marie Gogo