The Importance of Fun & Laughter By Marie Gogo 2014

"I'm currently reading a book about body language and it tells of the health and well being values of laughter. I've always thought that having a fun and happy life were beneficial just because it's much more pleasant to go through life that way and I’ve always suspected that being happy and having fun would translate into boosting good health.

There is no doubt in my mind that entertaining seniors and encouraging audiences to laugh, smile and sing is a very worthwhile endeavor. We can see the lifted spirits at the end of the show and the change in people’s moods. After our show many people come up to my accompanist and I to tell us what a wonderful time they’ve had and they want to show us their appreciation. Often someone will tell me how they weren’t feeling very well today but they knew we were coming so they wanted to attend and they’re glad they did because it made them feel better. This, of course, helps me realize that what we do is very important.”