What Sets Us Apart From Other Entertainers

If you ask Marie what set them apart from other entertainers, she may proclaim proudly that their shows are unique in the Seniors' Entertainment Community. Here are some of the reasons she believes this to be true.  

As a sort of backdrop or set piece, Marie always decorates a table with a nice tablecloth, with props and decorations to suit the current theme of the show and sometimes extra musical instruments such as accordion, ukuleles, banjo ukulele, guitars or even her musical saw! These objects add colour and interest to the visual aspect of the shows as well as the variety of musical sounds.

The duo also arrives appropriately dressed for a visit to a seniors home (or event) and then they change into costumes or appropriate show attire for the performance. For a little more excitement and variety, Marie does a costume change mid show!  Marie’s wardrobe is quite extensive and regular clients look forward with pleasant anticipation to see what she will wear this time! Some people also enjoy her shoe choices. Most of Marie’s costumes are lovely vintage style dresses.

These performances are more than a concert. Marie and her accompanist put on a what might be called a cabaret show!

Not only do Marie and her performing partner have an extensive repertoire of well loved songs, they also understand how important it is for all people to enjoy a life that holds plenty of fun and laughter. Marie doesn't want to just stand there and sing. She moves through the audience, engages with them, dances around and injects humour between the songs. Variety, warm personalities, costumes, humour, fun and the invitaion to participae are top priorities, along with lively and appropriate songs for each theme show they present. The audience is always welcomed to sing along.

Also, it’s important to mention that Marie and her piano player are professional musicians and they perform to make a living but it’s not just to make a living. They truly like seniors and enjoy the same kind of music that seniors enjoy! They enjoy the interaction and they delight in forming acquaintanceships with their audience members. Often times, real personal friendships evolve as well. Marie and her accompanists truly enjoy their work and you can tell by watching them perform. Joy is what they wish to create. Joy is what they feel and offer their audiences.

They are available for to perform afternoon and evenings.